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Animals out for exercising (weather permitting)
Hutches cleaned and fresh food, hay, bedding, sawdust and water given
All animals back in hutches for lunch
Animals back out for exercise and playtime (weather permitting)
Attention and cuddles given if required!
Animals back in hutches for snack of fruit or vegetable
Last check of the day to make sure animals are happy and have enough food, hay and water before bedtime!

(In the event that it rains all day, suitable covers are put on top of runs so animals can still be exercised)

Bluebells Patch will provide a selection of stimulating toys to prevent boredom or you are quite welcome to bring your own.
All animals bedrooms will be provided with bedding.
Animals will be carefully checked daily for any health issues.
Apart from the daily cleaning all hutches are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected once a week, using a professional hutch cleaning spray, and inbetween animals boarding.